Lash & Brow Tint

Lashes or Brows are tinted to your desired colour


A variety of colours are available 

Lash Lift

Coming Soon!

Lash Extensions 

Natural lashes

0%-65% of lashes are covered with extensions 


Dramatic Lashes

65%-100% of lashes are covered with extensions 


Lash Fill

2 weeks- $29.99

3 weeks- $39.99

4 weeks- $49.99

Depending on the amount of lashes shed prices may vary

Lash Removal

Removing all unwanted lash extensions 


What to Expect:

Appointments can range from 1.5-3+ hours depending on the design and amount of lashes being applied. You will be required to lay still with your eyes closed. Once the lashes are all applied, you can expect a little bit of stickiness that will be taken care of by your technician. There will also be a sensitivity when opening your eyes due to the fresh glue. This may cause eye watering but it passes quickly. After you have fallen in love with your lashes, you will be given home care instructions and booked for your Fill appointment

Lashes typically last 3+ weeks with proper care. 


We use Mink lashes with a strong hold adhesive that is health and safety approved!

DISCLAIMER: This may not be a service if you have easily irritable, flinchy or sensitive eyes