Let me get this right, you just come to my house?!

Yes! We service St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland and the rest of the Niagara Region!  We bring all the necessary equipment to your appointment to provide you with a happy and clean experiance. Depending on distance, a $5.00 charge may be applied.

Can you come to my office or place of work?

If it's okay with your boss, it's okay with us!

How do I prepare for my appointment?

The only thing that you need to worry about is providing an electrical outlet if you're receiving false nails, a clear place for a massage bed if receiving a massage or body waxing and a comfortable place for yourself to sit if you are receiving a pedicure, manicure or any facial waxing.

Are you able to do another service if I decide during my appointment i'd like something else or are you able to do my friends or relatives if they show up during my appointment?

We'd love to glam up you, your family and friends but if friends and family show up to your appointment, it will depend on whether there is time and enough material to do another person. This also applies to last minute services, it will all depend on time and material.

How can I pay?

You can pay with cash before your the appointment begins or a bank transfer is also accepted but it must be done before your appointment.

Wait I have more questions!

Okay! Just give us a call or even a text: 289-214-4044

You can also contact us by email: slaybeautyco@outlook.com