Nails trimmed & shaped, the cuticles are given some TLC  followed by a sweet hand massage. 

Top it off with your choice of kick ass nail polish!


Get Chip Resistant Gel Polish 



Trim & file the nails and clean up the cuticles.

Next, the dead skin is filed off the foot.

After all that boring stuff comes the foot massage and the finishing touch of your choice of nail polish


Get Chip Resistant Gel Polish 


Gel & Acrylic Nails

A quick nail clean up and then onto the fun stuff! Nail tips are applied and you get your choice of chip resistant gel polish colour!


If you want to bling out your nails or have an idea of a certain design that can all be decided before the day of your appointment

Nail Extras:

Nail jewels- $0.10

Swarovski Crystals- $0.50

Nail Charms- $0.75

Nail Art- Prices Vary

Removing Gels and Acrylics- $10.00

If You Need...

If you are just looking for your nails trimmed or your fee​t need the dead skin scrubbed off but you're not looking for the whole works?

We can work with that!

Give us a shout and we'll figure something out!